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Moravian College

America’s sixth-oldest college, Moravian delivers a broad-based liberal arts education in a caring environment, through which it nurtures in students the capacities for leadership, lifelong learning and positive societal contributions.The college was founded in 1742 by followers of John Amos Comenius, the 17th century Moravian bishop whose humanistic ideals helped shape modern education. Those ideals that learning should be available to all, that teaching should be in accord with human nature and that education should be applied to practical uses, are much in evidence at Moravian. Today, the college enrolls students from a great variety of socioeconomic, religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds; provides for highly personalized learning experiences and offers many opportunities for students to direct their education toward individual and professional goals.The college expresses its Moravian heritage in musical and artistic programs which are shared with the Bethlehem community.

1200 Main St.
Bethlehem, PA 18018
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